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How to Use OneSearch: Home

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What is OneSearch?

OneSearch allows you to search multiple library’s resources all at once. These resources include:

  • The library catalog (includes books in print, ebooks, and physical multimedia items like DVDs and audiobooks on CD, from all State Center Community College District libraries)
  • Most of our research databases
  • Open access materials (scholarly journal articles and ebooks that are free online)

OneSearch gives you many options to limit and filter a search to just the items you need.

Use the tabs above to select different OneSearch help topics. Try a search by using the search widget on this page, or access it from the CCC Library page under the link "Books: Library Catalog."

Why Use OneSearch?

OneSearch is the primary self-service tool for searching and locating all sorts of useful library materials. This search tool also assists you as an alternative to searching our research databases one at a time; with OneSearch, you can search across many databases at once!

Aside from using this tool to search within the library's collections, you can also find free Open Access ebooks and online articles, and you can search other State Center (Fresno, Reedley, Madera) libraries' collections. You may also request items for pick up from SCCCD libraries by logging in using these instructions. When logged in, OneSearch offers other convenient account functions; review items you have out, renew items, and organize "favorites" lists.

Introducing OneSearch

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