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How to Use OneSearch: Find Articles

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Articles on OneSearch

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With OneSearch you can find articles from various periodical sources such as academic journals (including those that are peer reviewed), and also popular sources (periodicals designed for a larger audience, not just scholars) like magazines and newspapers.

The articles that you find using OneSearch are retrieved from our library databases, and you can opt to include include Open Access publications (sources free for anyone on the web for research purposes, hosted by organizations and companies outside of our institution).

Not all databases are included in OneSearch queries; while the catalog is a great tool for initial research on a topic, in-depth coverage will normally require searching the research databases individually.

Find Articles Tutorial Video

Narrow Down Your Search

screen capture of catalog filters areaUsing OneSearch to find articles may return a very large amount of search results, which can make it difficult to find articles relevant to your topic. Activate search filters (also called "facets") on the left side of the search results page to help remove unwanted items from your search results. You can also remove categories of items with the "red checkmark" icon to the right of the item categories.

Some search filters to consider include:

Availability - Limit to peer reviewed articles and/or Open Source publications.

Format - select type(s) of articles

Subject choose specific subjects

Publication Date - narrow down to recent articles, if needed

Language - helpful when you have a lot of search results and need an extra way to narrow down the number of articles found

Find Journal Articles, Step By Step

1. Open OneSearch and enter your search terms in the search box and select the "Articles" category from the menu that appears (for some help on how to compose a search or get ideas on how to word your research question, review the Advanced Search tab of this guide or check the tips on the main page of the catalog).

article category select screenshot

2. You will now be at the search results screen. The number of articles retrieved will be at the top of the results column; on the left side of the page, you can begin to narrow down your results in the "Filter Your Results" area.

3.  Select a record to get more information on that item. Some details to note are as follows:

"Open Access" sources are indicated by an orange "open lock" icon; "Peer Reviewed" articles have a purple "eye/book" icon; and to make finding similar articles easier, some items offer links to other articles citing this item (two arrows pointing up icon) or items that cited this article (one arrow pointing down icon).

open access icon peer review icon cited and citing icons

Be sure to check other areas of the record that could help you decide if this item is relevant to your research, such as the "Description" area, which presents the article abstract (summary), and the "Subject" area that lists the topics that describe this article as a whole.

4. When you are ready to read the article, click on the "Available Online" link in the search results or locate the "View Online/Text Availability" area of the record (note that if there are multiple links, all should take to you the same article).

5. If you are retrieving an article from the library's databases, you will be asked to log in like you would to your Canvas/school email to access the item; links to Open Access articles will take you to a web page outside of our organization where you will then need to locate links on that page to download or read the article.

Can't Find What You Need?

1) OneSearch won't search all of the library's research databases. In-depth research on a topic may still require searching individual databases on our CCC database page.

2) In terms of books, if you can't find what you need in any SCCCD library, you can fill out an Interlibrary Loan Request to get a title not owned by our system's libraries.

3) Ask a librarian for help; you can drop in, call, email, chat online, or Zoom with a librarian! Check out your research help options on the library page.