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LGBTQ+ Resources: Books

Three Dads and a Baby
What's Your Pronoun?
Female Husbands : A Trans History
Trans [plus]
The Gender Affirmative Model - Trans and Gender Expansive Children
Lgbtqai+ Books for Children and Teens
Coming Out Stories
Queer Career
Glitter up the Dark
Everyday Violence Against Black and Latinx LGBT Communities
In Transit [nonbinary]
Boy Erased : A Memoir
The Savvy Ally
Raising LGBTQ Allies
Ordinary Equality
LGBTQ Mental Health
Transgender Health Issues
LGBTQ Health Research
The Transformative Potential of LGBTQ+ Children's Picture Books
Bi [Bisexuality]
Encyclopedia of queer studies in education
I Spoke to You with Silence
Queer and Trans Migrations
Boys and Oil
Trans kids : Being Gendered in the Twenty-First Century
LGBTQ Americans in the U.S. Political System
Families We Keep
Queer Voices in Hip Hop
The Engagement - Same Sex Marriage
Sporting Gender
Real Queer America : LGBT Stories from Red States

Fiction - New and Classics


The library has thousands of ebooks that are just like the books in print you find on our shelves, except they can be read completely online. Most of our ebooks are nonfiction, research worthy titles. Note that our Libby ebook collection contains both fiction and nonfiction books. You can search for ebooks using the OneSearch library catalog, or search through collections on our database page (note that Libby ebooks can only accessed through the CCC Library Libby site).

One of the best things about the majority of our ebooks is that they do not need to be checked out, so they will have no due date; simply read an ebook in a browser window, anytime, wherever you have Internet access. Libby ebooks work best when opened using an app, but you can also read them in an Internet browser. Libby ebooks will have an "due date" that indicates when the ebook will be automatically "turned in" (renewal options may be available).

To access ebooks off campus, you will be asked to log in using your SCCCD credentials (the same username and password you use for Canvas or your school email).

Featured Books

Awards and Lists

Lambda Literary Awards

These awards honor books in several categories, all highlighting notable lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender books.

Publishing Triangle Awards

The group presents awards in 10 categories of LGBTQ literature and its publishers.

Rainbow Book List

"Presents an annual bibliography of quality books with significant and authentic GLBTQ content, which are recommended for people from birth through eighteen years of age."

Titles are selected by the Rainbow Book List committee of the American Library Association, going back to 2008.

Stonewall Book Award

Awarded by the American Library Association's Rainbow Round Table, the three annual awards (literature, nonfiction, and children's/YA) honor works that show "exceptional merit relating to the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender experience." 

Find Books & Ebooks

Use the OneSearch library catalog to search for books and ebooks.You may want to try the catalog's advanced search to search for words or phrases in item titles, subjects, or authors. Books on LGBTQ+ topics are scattered throughout the collections: sociology, health, history, fiction, etc. Learning to use the catalog to find books on topic will save you a lot of time!


For more help with the catalog, visit our OneSearch Research Guide or get help from a librarian.

Search Terms: Subjects vs Keywords

A basic keyword search with OneSearch means using words or phrases you've come up with to describe your research topic. It's not a very precise way of searching, but it usually returns many search results to examine, which can lead to precise subjects that will help you build more targeted searches; find a source that appears promising from your keyword search results, and check that item's list of subject terms.

Subject searching is very precise; subject terms are assigned to a source to describe the item's main content. Usually there won't be many search results when conducting a subject search, but the items returned should definitely be on target with your research topic. You can try an advanced search in OneSearch using only subject terms. An advanced search works best when you enter the exact subject term used in the catalog.

The following are Library of Congress subject terms related to our topic. Some terms contain an asterisk (*) at the end: adding this symbol at the end of a word will search the root of this word and all other endings for that word. For example, lesbian* would also search for lesbianism and lesbians

androgyn* • bisexual*  • gay*  • gay and lesbian studies  • gay couples  • gay rights  • gender identity  • gender nonconformity  • homophob* • homosexual* • intersex* • lesbian* • LGBT* • queer* • same-sex marriage • sex role • sexual minorities • transsex* • transgender*