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Open Educational Resources (OER): ASCCC OER Initiative

The mission of the ASCCC Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI) is to reduce the cost of educational resources for students by expanding the availability and adoption of high-quality Open Educational Resources (OER). OERI facilitates and coordinates the curation and development of OER texts, ancillaries, and support systems.”

Mission from ASCCC-OERI 

OERI is a 5-year push from the Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges to introduce, generate, and curate OER content in order to reduce barriers to higher education and student success.

OERI Funded RFPs & Resource Lists

The ASCCC OERI has funded three requests for proposals from the California Community Colleges that aim to close OER gaps and foster collaboration across the colleges. The OERI's discipline leads have also put together lists of OER resources by both discipline and C-ID in order to make it easier to find OER resources at the community college level. Please review the resources below. Still can't find what you are looking for? Take a look at the "Where to find OER" page for a list of major repositories and OER Community College Hubs from across the country. 

Training & Webinars

The ASCCC-OERI hosts and collaborates on many webinars throughout the year on a variety of different OER topics. The archives and list of upcoming webinars are available on the ASCCC-OERI website. Did you look at the lists of webinars and have an idea for a topic you want covered? You can recommend a topic to the ASCCC-OERI.

To stay up-to-date with what's going on with the initiative, including the schedule of upcoming webinars and special events, subscribe to the ASCCC OER Initiative listserv


Many of the funded projects from the ASCCC use the LibreText platform. LibreTexts is a platform to create OERs that are interactive, remixable, and editable. These OERs can be imported into Canvas for easy integration of the text to your Canvas course. Below are some resources to help you get acquainted with the LibreText platform and information on creating and editing in the LibreText system.

Introduction to LibreTexts:

Creating & Editing OER in LibreTexts: