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About This Guide

This research guide provides a starting point to finding resources from the CCC library and beyond to use for researching music-related topics.

  • Featured Resources: Suggestions for research from our many library resources
  • Books: Books in print as well as eBooks that you can read anywhere you have Internet access, and how to search for them
  • Research Databases: Trustworthy, free online information sources from the library's databases, including journal articles, eBooks, and streaming media
  • Websites: Trustworthy sites to further explore your music topics

New Music Books

Nothin' but a Good Time
Classical Music - Expect the Unexpected
The Music Advantage - children and music
Alien Listening book cover
Rez Metal book cover
How to Write One Song
A Sound Mind book cover
Music Composition for Dummies
Nobody Ever Asked Me about the Girls book cover
Greek and Latin Music Theory
The Beatles in Context book cover
Ten Masterpieces of Music book cover
Women in Jamaican Music
We Will Rock Our Classmates book cover
God Save the Queens
Larger Than Life book cover
Glitter up the Dark