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The Justice Archives - Von Torres: Welcome

The Justice Archives


This research guide has been designed by the Clovis Community College Library, for students in English 1A, English 1A+, English 3, and English 3H classes taught by Von Torres.  

The purpose of this research guide is to be a resource for students to begin investigating and exploring the question, “What is justice?” This guide will cover how to develop and narrow a topic, finding articles and books for different research-based essays, proper citation, and how to get help if you encounter challenges or difficulties in the research process. 

The resources and strategies on this guide represent our best guesses for where you may find easy and comprehensive access to scholarly conversations and primary documents to help you write your critical essays and projects. 

Remember, good research is often about following up on hunches (details that stood out to you or details you have questions about), exploring these thoughts and questions through searching and reading in the databases, then seeing where else or even what else your search results lead to in your research. You may need to try several search combinations before you find the sources that will support your research. 

Reach out to the Library if questions arise at any point in your research. You can drop in for help (AC2-148) or visit our Ask a Librarian page for options to get help from a librarian. 

Enjoy your research in the Justice Archives! 

Alicia Diaz Wrest, Librarian for Clovis Community College 

Von Torres, Professor of English & Reading 

1963 March on DC


Civil rights march on Washington, D.C. Film negative by photographer Warren K. Leffler, 1963. From the U.S. News & World Report Collection. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division. Photograph shows a procession of African Americans carrying signs for equal rights, integrated schools, decent housing, and an end to bias.

This guide is intended to be a starting point for discovery into the topic of social justice.  The guide is in no way intended to be a comprehensive collection of resources related to social justice.  It is also not intended to be a comprehensive list of the issues that exist with in the context of social justice.  The Oxford Reference defines social justice as "the object of creating a fair and equal society in which each individual matters, their rights are recognized and protected, and decisions are made in ways  that are fair and honest."  Therefore, social justice implicates all aspects of our lives and intersects with race, class, gender, sexual orientation, economics, education, the environment, and other areas of our personal existences.  If you come across an interesting archive that you think should be included, please email Alicia Diaz Wrest at