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Mental Health Resources: Home

Using the Guide

The guide is designed to help our students seeking research-worthy sources such as articles, books, and websites on mental health and any of its many aspects. This guide is not designed to treat or diagnose any personal mental health issues; if you have concerns with your own well being, we encourage you to reach out to the organizations listed on this page that are dedicated to helping individuals experiencing mental health issues. 

Mental Health Defined

Mental health "refers to a person's emotional, psychological, and social well-being, [and it] affects how people think, feel, and act" ("Mental Health," 2020). This is a broad term that refers to both the conditions that can negatively affect one's mental health, as well as those activities, strategies, and treatments utilized to improve mental health.

The following sources can give you a more detailed overview on the topic, and they may give you ideas on how to focus on specific areas of mental health for research purposes:

References: Mental Health. (2020). In Gale Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection. Gale.

Your Mental Health

Your mental health is important; if you are a CCC student in need of personal help and support, please reach out to campus Health and Psychological Services

More Central Valley help resources can be found on the Fresno Cares Local Resources Page

Crisis Text Line: Text  “courage” to 741741 

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