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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Websites

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Quick Facts

  • In 2000 the Asian population in the United States was 11.9 million; by 2019, it had doubled to 22.4 million
  • Of the entire Asian American population, Chinese Americans are largest Asian origin group (24%); Indian Americans (21%) and Filipinos (19%) comprise the 2nd and 3rd largest groups.
  • Just over half (57%) of all Asian Americans were born in another country; for Asian American adults, the percentage jumps to 71%.

From "Key Facts about Asian Americans, a Diverse and Growing Population;" Pew Research Center, 2021

Chinese American children running a race in New York 1955
[Various take-off styles were exhibited as this 50-yard dash kicked off in the Lions Club's Endecathlon for Chinatown kids]
World Telegram & Sun photo by Walter Albertin, Library of Congress