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Fake News: Check the Facts

Identify and avoid fake news!

Get the Facts

Fake Or Real?

Read the "About Us" section: Most sites will have a lot of information about the news outlet, the company that runs it, members of leadership, and the mission and ethics statement behind an organization.

Look at the quotes in a story: Or rather, look at the lack of quotes. Most publications have multiple sources in each story who are professionals and have expertise in the fields they talk about.

Check the comments: If a lot of these comments call out the article for being fake or misleading, it probably is.

Reverse image search: Do a little detective work and reverse search for the image on Google. You can do this by right-clicking on the image and choosing to search Google for it.

Confirm the story: Look for the story on more than one website. If it's only published on one site it may be questionable.

Tools for Fact Checking

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