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About this Guide

This guide is to provide you with the resources you need for your research related to Drosophilia midgut.

An Important Note on Literature Reviews

One of the fundamental aspects of science is that it builds on the work of others. As we develop research questions and build our hypotheses about the world, we need to consider our own observations and data, as well as the observations and data of others. As a result, a huge piece of being a successful scientist is reading scientific literature.

As you work on your research project for Bio 11A, it is important to do a literature search to help you develop your research question. You can use the existing literature to help you decide on a disease, set of genes or specific pathway to work on that will be interesting to you and relevant to the scientific community. As you continue with your project and collect data, you will want to turn to the literature again to help you make sense of your data and put what you learned into context.


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